Sunday, 11 November 2012

Women in Engineering

So I posted a engineer meme a week ago and it poked fun at how there are no females in Engineering. See picture here:

A bunch of female engineers commented on the photo about how the photo was false (which is awesome by the way!). It was awesome and very nice to see all these posts by the female engineers on our fan page. It's great to see that there are more females joining engineering and that they are happy with their choice, going into engineering :). So I updated the photo with this meme:

I hope everyone liked the updated picture. Anyways, the reason why I wanted to make this post is because I wanted to share what some of the females in engineering had to say. I chose several comments from the pictures. Here are some of the comments:

Robotic Engineering. I'm Mexican, I'm studying a semester in France and Engineering rocks. It's not as easy as some other may think it is. We have to face discrimination day after day. But you have to have enough courage to let people know you are able to do the things as well. It's true there's a difference in strength between men and women, but we are using our minds and not our muscles.I really love what I do. Real Engineering. Sandra Bonilla

It'll take a while for us to mix in, it only started being acceptable for women to go to college like 100 years ago. That seems like a while, but 1965 was 100 years after the Emancipation Proclamation but was everything equal yet? Quit calling us stupid and singling us out when all we want is a lucrative major in something we're good at and interested in. Stephanie Marin

I'm one of 3 girls in a total of 30-40ish students per class. In the beginning it's a bit hard to fit in, if you are too cocky like i was x3 but then it's just the same or even better. In fact, we engineer girls would be just common girls if it wasn't for the fact that we just decided to ignore what narrow minds think (like oldfashioned people in my home town who think i'm boyish or lesbian, no matter what i'm wearing atm, whenever i say i'm studying electromechanical engineering... like if it had any kind of relation) and chose a path we like/are good at. Each time i like more and more being an engineering student, each time i think about my decision i realize that it was the best for me, i know i wouldn't be happy in another area. Should we allow oldfashioned and non realistic stereotypes to prevent us from turning in engineers if that's what's going to make us happy? Hell no! A huge hug to all my female engineer or soon to be colleagues! Always proud to be an engineer! ;D. Cíntia Fernandes
I am Mexican, and I'm studying Civil Engineering in Manchester. I cannot described in a comment my passion for engineering, but what I can say is Thank you Great Britain, I face no discrimination whatsoever. Plus, last year I received the Civil Engineering school prize for the best grade of the year. I can only look forward to embrace my gender in the feel, by NOT trying to prove anything to anyone and just enjoy what I do best. Cheers! X. Carla Leticia Monck
I find it ironic how many guys want female engineers, but when they meet one (some of them) act as If girls should not belong in a science class. I'm a student for Aerospace Engineering and Political Science, and I'm really tired of some guys questioning my abilities due to my vagina. Which makes no sense. Ninoshka Llontop Lozano
Surprisingly to most I am a female Electronic Engineering Technology major with a concentration in Renewable Energy Engineering Technology. I get all A+ to B grades in all my math and engineering classes. I'm on the path of switching to an ABET accredited school to finish my Bachelors and then take the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam (the FE/EIT) and after going on for my Masters and Doctorate in either Electronic Engineering Technology or Electrical Engineering while pursuing my Professional Engineering License. I can say it is a lot of hard work and a lot of people try to tell me I can't do it but regardless I remain focused and dedicated to help make progress in the field of Engineering because Trust me i'm an Engineer! I <3 Engineering! Angela Lizardi Shephard
Mechanical engineering right here! Already took the FE, currently biting my nails while I wait for my score. Also, I will be one of the first females to graduate from my university's new ME Program this coming May! Besides getting made fun of for my hot pink TI-84 and my tendency to be girly about a lot of other things, being one of the few females in the program isn't bad at all! I deal with the guys and their personalities rather well, I'm a pretty laid back person with a good sense of humor. I'm definitely able to be myself around them without feeling awkward. Oh and thanks for correcting the meme, definitely approve. Amanda Ibañez

It's great to see all these comments by female engineers. I hope you enjoyed reading these comments by other engineers! Maybe it will put things into perspective.

Being a female engineer is just like being an engineer... Oh wait that's because it is just being an engineer! Laura Daniels

Yep, remember that a female and male can become an engineer. Now lets celebrate something we can agree on with this meme. Feel free to comment about what you're thinking!


  1. Well... if some of the female engineers feel a bit uncomfortable at Varsity, wait until you get into the field! I was an electrical engineer (high voltage) designing underground substations for mining. I also was involved with Uranium Enrichment projects. This was back in the 1980's. There were only a handful of females on site compared to hundreds of male engineers. I had to work twice as hard to prove I knew what I was doing. On site, I was treated like an alien from outer space, i.e. cat calls, wolf whistles, etc. Note that I was wearing baggy jeans and construction boots. Civilization was just over an hour's drive away. Male construction contractors always gave me a hard time, but I eventually won them over. CAD was introduced in the early 80's. At the time, it was an "all boys club" and I protested. Eventually, I was allowed in, providing that I passed a 4 hour MENSA test. The males did not have to do this test. I passed! Bottom line... it is not about gender, it is what you know and how you can apply it!
    Nadine :)

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