Sunday, 4 November 2012

Productivity Level = 0

Ever have that kind of day where you didn't really do anything productive or even fun? Lets make Engineer Memes out of it...!

But yeah, I often do. I remember for a whole semester in my undergrad (2nd year), all I did was sleep, eat, play videogames and sometimes hang out with friends. It was the biggest waste of time ever! That semester was so bad and it effected my GPA a lot. If I could go back to that semester I would actually have tried. I think the problem was there were so many courses I didn't like that semester (microcomputers and OOP: c++). That semester was bad. Sleep at 4am, wake up in the afternoon and miss all my classes. Third and fourth year were a lot better though (thank goodness I stopped gaming). I actually had a WAYY better social life and still got a lot of school work done. :)

Have you had any days where you were just not doing any work, or weeks, or even months! Feel free to comment and leave your experiences! Also, remember to check out our facebook engineer memes page at


  1. you made a pendulum. That's productive

  2. I was absolutely unproductive today, even with a big assignment due Tuesday as well as a quiz that I haven't studied for...

    On the other hand it was an extremely fun day, played paintball and then had my weekly LAN party at a professor's house. AoE II for the win.

    1. What!! You're so lucky gaming with your professor lol. I remember at my smaller college in first year, the class size was only 20 people so he let people come over to his place study, have some beers, and pizza!

  3. I'm a freshman who's passionate about engineering, but I've still fallen into what you're talking about. Glad to hear that you got it together! :]

  4. it is impossible to reach productivity=0, have you ever thinked how much oxygen you turn into carbon dioxide every time you breath?? bitch please im very productive even while sleeping ahah

  5. yeah for the whole semester in 2nd yr(3rd sem). am in 3rd year now n still have these kind of days very often

  6. I get those days, but then i realise that my GPA needs to be high for my scholarship. Money is always good motivation. $$$

  7. What happened to the wiggly-dude cartoon on this page? I bookmarked this page just for the wiggly-dude cartoon and now he is gone! :'(