Saturday, 3 November 2012

How I feel about 8 am Engineering classes

Must stay awake: This is what I look like during an 8 am class.

So I had several 8 am classes when I was an undergrad studying engineering. I hated 8 am classes. I even lived on campus and I still had trouble going to class. What made it worse was that it was a engineering stats course. I don't think I ever learned anything in that class because it was so early.

Granted my sleeping pattern was messed up. Maybe I should have went to bed earlier? How do I go to bed earlier though if I have lots of projects and assignments due? Or have many quizzes and midterms to study for?

I had a funny situation occur to me in 3rd year though. So I signed up for a course (electrical mechanical energy conversion and transmission)and it was suppose to be at a later time like around 2 pm or something. Unfortunately, the professor changed the time because he didn't like it. He changed it to 8 am. I ended up dropping the course and taking it a year later. But guess what happened? It ended up being at 8 am again. Fail.

In the end though, maybe the 8 am classes are good for us? It really prepares us for the 'real world' when we need to start our work at 8 or 9 am! Plus with all the projects we will be working on there's a possibility we won't be getting much sleep anyways!

Anyways, have you had any 8 am classes? Do you like 8 am classes or if you're an Engineer currently working do you enjoy your work hours? I heard in some companies they let you come in anytime you want, but you still have to work your full amount of hours? Feel free to comment!


  1. Bitch Please, all through my life from Kinder up to now, Graduating Engineering student, I had 7am class :)))
    Personally I have fancied Morning Classes mainly due to the fact that I am fired up on my studies at after lunch. I tend to oversleep so if my classes are in the afternoon I would have lost all my supposed studying time to sleeping.
    Nice article though! \m/

  2. Bitch please, try calculus at 7 am. Now that's a nightmare.

    1. Jesus christ dude..The teachers has been seeing you in his sleep?;P

  3. True story. In my case, I have classes at 9am. In C language I have already slept twice and in both the teacher caught me and asked if I was ok. The last one, I was with my month open and suddenly the whole class (about 100 students) was looking at me and laughing.
    The best part is: I'm not even obliged to go to that class!

  4. And this is why all my civilian friends find me to be a condescending prick:
    0400: Wake up, get dressed, make sure all my gear is squared away, drive to post
    0500: Get to post. Sit at gate traffic because 3 divisions worth of people are trying to go through the same gate.
    0600: Get to company area, stand in formation.
    0630: conduct PT
    0800: shower, eat, get in ACUS, and be in formation at motorpool by
    0845-1900: "work"
    1900-2000: drive back home
    2000: crack a beer, get started on paperwork
    2300: finish paperwork. From here, can either try to sleep (not happening) or play some video games.

  5. In Austria, every class starts at 0800
    One some days we even "work" until 1700, thats 10 lessons + Breaks
    I'm always laughing when I hear german students complain because they are at school from 1000 to 1600 or 1700.
    During winter, its going to school while its still dark and coming home when its dark again...this is so depressing sometimes

    1. Where are you studying? Vienna?

    2. Wiener Neustadt.
      Not only University, every school starts at 0800
      (With classes, I was actually referring to every school type)

  6. We often start at 8, we start with one class at 7:30. But only after an hour long train ride. Which means i have to get up about an hour before that, to take a shower, eat some breakfast and get to the train. Getting up at 5 AM FTW! :>

    1. Getting up at 5am....not for the win lol.

  7. As with all the comments above.. the Life of an Engineer is extremely rough

  8. 8? Try 730 on a Saturday morning. Had to walk a mile through knee deep snow... Kids these days!

  9. I once had Plastic Design of Structures at 8 am...was so painful...i still dont understand some of my notes :D

  10. aw you haven't tried Radio and Microwave circuits at 8 am .. that would be the worst of all don't you think ?? my mind was half asleep to think about signals and what the idiot "professor i mean here" is talking about ... :D

  11. 8 am, try studying multivariable calculus at 6 am.
    My house is in the next city, so I need to take a bus at 5 am, to get 15 minutes late.

    Luckily, only happened one semester.

    The normal schedule is to start at 7 pm, so everyday I woke at 5 am :)

    Oh try having a hydraulics laboratory on saturdays from 6 to 9 pm.
    I didn't take that one, but I was the laboratory asistant LOL.

    Morning classes are cool, after a good breakfast.

  12. Well, i never went to an "8 am" class, there are notes about this kind of classes:P