Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Life of a Procrastinator

Ok so we have seen the life of an Engineer. Obviously, this picture is giving us too much sleep correct? But have we seen how the life of an engineer who procrastinates goes? I know I had a lot of problems with procrastination. I would rather play videogames, go hang out with friends, watch some t.v. or just do anything that wasn't studying or homework. Well here's how the life of a procrastinator works. We will walk through several gifs and show how their semester is like (it's still missing lots of projects/homework/quizes/midterms/finals etc etc).

New Semester
After the 1st week
After the 2nd week
Before the midterm
During the midterm
After the midterm
Before the final exam
The final exam schedule is out
7 days before the final exam
6 days before the final exam
5 days before the final exam:
4 days before the final exam:
3 days before the final exam
2 days before the final exam
1 day before the final exam
The night before the final exam
1 hour before the final exam
During the final exam
Leaving the final exam
Holiday begins

And that is the life of a procrastinator in engineering school/college. Is that how your semesters look? Comment!


  1. Hahah! I honestly enjoy your blogs. I very much do!
    I enjoy reading into your blogs because that is exactly wwhat takes place. I'm in computer engineering and I gain a better understanding department-wise.
    I should go study now...

  2. true this actually happening to me right now and this is just my first semester

  3. 2 days left for my exams... CMON !!! WE CAN!!!.....

  4. Enter your comment...this stuff really true..hope this semester gets me right asi study