Thursday, 8 November 2012

Looking for Guest Bloggers


Do you like writing and want to talk about your engineering experiences? Is there something you want to inform to the engineering commmunity? Are there causes you believe in like volunteer work done under 'engineers without borders'. Then this blog may be the right place for you! You will not have to commit to this blog(can be a one time thing only if you want) or can write as much as you want!

What kind of posts am I looking for?

Anything that is engineering related. It can be about your experience as an engineer, or an engineering student. It can be about the toughest course you took in engineering. It can be about the skills and qualities you have gained from being an engineer. You can give tips and advices you would want engineers and engineering students to know in school or on the job. You can write about new technology that have came out or products that are currently in research and development. You can talk about projects you have done in school, or clubs you joined like the 'solar car' club. As well, the post can be written in a humourous or serious way. We invite you to use photos/funny memes that can relate to the topic you are writing about, but they are not required.

Currently we have over 300,000 pageviews as of November 8th, 2012.

If you want to write a blog post just message me on our fanpage Engineer Memes


  1. For me the hardest of all courses on engineering will always be: MATH

  2. My advice to all engineering students is not only to involve in university club (you do not have to involve in a club related to engineering field), but also to get internship jobs as soon as possible while you are a student.

    You do not have to take internship in the country where you choose to finish your degree; Instead, you can choose to do internship abroad.

    Moreover, try to take advantage on what engineering society offers to you such as Engineering Networking Night to make a lot of connections because we do not live in 1950s-1980s anymore. In those years, most engineers got the jobs easily because not so many people chose engineering field as their career, so most likely engineering companies "hired" them right away. However, those years will unlikely happen to us nowadays except you are really 'Smart' or you have a lot of connections within engineering companies to introduce you to their supervisors.

    Furthermore, try to exceed 3.00 in your Cumulative GPA since most big companies require their applicants to meet this requirement when they apply jobs to the companies.

    That's my suggestion I can give it to you

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