Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Small update on this Engineer's life!

Hey folks!

I haven't really updated this blog in awhile, but a lot has happened in the past two years. I did internships at two different companies. I finished my masters in electrical engineering and now officially working as an electrical engineer-in-training in a consulting company! I'm pretty happy with what has happened these past few years. Also, the best part, I have sold almost 30,000 engineering shirts and hoodies around the world! I'll try to update this page more often now that I have some free time and perhaps I can share what going through my masters was like, how I started my engineering shirt business, and what were my internships about! I can't wait!

Today I'll share some of the shirts and hoodies I have sold in the past two years. It's incredible knowing so many people around the world are wearing them! Below are some of the designs I have worked on and released!

Here's one of the designs I released that sold over 100 so far! The "Without Engineers, Science is just a philosophy".

Here's another one we did, ugly Christmas sweatshirts for engineers!

So selling shirts on the side is one of the things I did in my life while completing my masters in electrical engineering and working in a consulting company. It was pretty fun and I really can't wait to see how the next couple years turn out especially now that I am pursuing my professional engineering designation!Anyways, just wanted to give you all a small update and hopefully in the next several blog posts I can give you a more detailed description of what's been happening in my life.