Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Any engineer or future engineering student has encountered what "Prerequisite's" are. It is the long list of classes that any engineering student must accomplish to receive a Bachelors in Engineering. Yes, the list seems very intimidating at first, and in all honestly, the path is not easy.

However they are important. Very important.

If you fail you'll have to go back and retake the course or if you do poorly it may effect your marks in future.

This list of classes determines your fate as an engineer. Each class must be passed with a C or above. If you are to fail any of these classes, that can result in utter destruction. The failing of any pre-req's will disqualify your eligibility to move onto upper level classes. Not being able to complete higher level math classes will put a stop to your career as an engineer.

The importance of pre-req's will continue to grow as you further progress in your engineering major. Every pre-req is ultimately a precursor to the next class. The classes are set up so that every aspect of engineering is broken down and students can take this information one class at a time, and in doing so, students understand material that will later on assist in their studies.

The pre-req's path is not easy whatsoever. However they are set to help guide you as a future engineer, to be able to make decisions. They are very important and as a student you must do everything possible to prepare yourself to pass these pre-req classes. As you progress in your studies, studying several days for exams to pass pre-req's are very common amongst engineering majors.

Do not let that scare you though. As an engineering major or thinking about pursuing an engineering degree, you must be creative and innovative throughout your career. You must be able to think outside of the box to create and construct new innovations that will better society.

Just remember that as an engineering student, at the top of your to-do list should be to pass all of your pre-req's. They are the most important aspect of being an engineer. Your career as an engineer relies on your ability to understand and comprehend the material of these pre-req's. Good luck in your studies!

This post was written by Mikey Rivas a mechanical engineering student at California State University Long Beach. He lives in Loas Angeles, CA and he is the first in his family to pursue a career in engineering.


  1. I worked for a large consulting firm for 7 years (Accenture), and what they like most about engineers is their ability to learn. Every time you start a new project/role/job, you'll have to learn an incredible amount in a short period of time - so prove you can do it in school and it will help in your career!

  2. Pre-reqs are important for more than just engineering. Learning the basics and building on them are a key component in gaining skills necessary to perform at your best.

  3. Pre-reqs are really important for the classes you take in the future. Specifically the math courses you take in engineering. You won't use everything you learn in these math courses, but you will use a good portion of it in the future in whatever field of engineering you decide to study.

  4. While prerequisite courses for a major are very important, I found that my first two years of "core" curriculum in college was really just an extension of high school. I got straight A's through sophomore year of college because I wasn't being challenged. Yes, a lot of people are undecided at that time, but once I got into courses for my actual major, my classes were much more interesting and helpful for where I want to go in life. Cool article.

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