Sunday, 21 October 2012

Engineer Memes


With the success of Engineer Memes and obtaining over 60,000 fans in under a month I have decided to create a blog to share my life experience and other engineering students/engineers to relate to the photos posted on our fanpage!

What is Engineer Memes? It is a page that will show funny stories that can describe the lives of engineers and engineering students. They are things that we can relate too. They are the experiences we have been through or still going through.

Thank you for your support and thank you for joining Engineer Memes

You can find our fan page here

Now here's a little information about myself. I am an electrical engineer in training. I graduated from the University of British Columbia in electrical & computer engineering specialized in nanotechnology and microsystems. My interests currently are in renewable energy sources and control system design. I just want to thank you people again for checking out my blog and facebook page. I hope you guys can find this site useful and something you can relate too.


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